My passion project, which is now on its third iteration using Svelte. While plenty of front-ends to the world of Pokémon already exist, none of them solve my needs quite right. On mobile, the site needs to feel light-weight and easily digestable. Additional features of the site should seek to be non-intrusive.

At its core, it is just a PokeAPI frontend. But a number of microservices have sprawled from it. Lots of sites also let their data become out of date which is incredibly infuriating - and one day that will be me, so an auto-update functionality was also quite important.

Product and project aside, it's also been a massive learning opportunity to apply new tech to a real product, such as:


I have a handful of Raspberry Pi's acting as a homelab. This repo stores the configurations, and a NextJS App acting as a dashboard.

When I saw that most "ready-made" homelab dashboards were essentially just glorified bookmark pages, I thought it would be a good opportunity to write one myself and build some apps into it.

It includes a Timesheet app, to help with my time management when I'm working from home, and an energy usage and billing visualisation tool. The latter was really useful when prices started to rise to anticipate what kind of bills I could expect with different usage patterns.


This site, built with NextJS, MDX and Tailwind deployed to Cloudflare.

Mostly a space to express myself, showcase my work and document my experiences.