Extending the existing site by allowing users to organise entries into tags through a Pocketbase backend. Finally taking the leap to move part of my infrastructure into AWS.

Between the update service and backend, the number of microservices is equal to the number of users! However, the skills learnt along the way should allow me to turn ideas into products quicker.

Pokécompanion - Express app

At the time, I moved this project from my Raspberry Pi into Vercel. I decided to keep the same tech stack as it meant I could re-use my existing work and expand on it.

While this did allow me to move quite fast, it also made it more difficult to build out new features. Using a templating approach would make more interactive UI messier.


This site, built with NextJS and tailwind deployed using Cloudflare Pages. Originally started out as a PHP app and currently on its third iteration. It's good to have a simple application to move around and try new technology with. With the downfall of Twitter/X, and no suitable replacement on the market, it's handy to keep my own forum for expression open.


A mix of server configurations and a NextJS app with a timesheet and energy usage interface. I didn't want to keep lots of bookmarks around, so having a dashboard helps me and my partner to access services more easily. I'm sure there's better solutions to storing repeatable server configurations, but realistically every time that I have to set up again I end up moving things around anyway. Then once it's setup, I prefer not to touch it again.